Revision 20 - June 22, 2007
This long-awaited update showcases BMG Classics' 1994 reissue on CD of the album, Belafonte Returns to Carnegie Hall (1960). Following a thorough analysis we are now pleased to announce 4 alternate recordings which mysteriously appeared on this compact disc without even a mention by BMG. A lengthy discussion can be found on this subject in Fan Forum 6 (see entries for Jan 11 & Dec 16, 2006, and Jan 7 & Apr 14, 2007). These previously unreleased tracks are different interpretations of Jump Down, Spin Around, Hene Ma Tov, I Know Where I'm Going & La Bamba.
With this discovery the running total of original Belafonte tracks now moves to 525.
A new page, Fan Forum 6, has been created to display correspondence for the period from Dec 2005 to May 2007.
Additions and revisions both big and small can be found throughout the television pages. All 14 have undergone changes.
A total of 48 new pictures have been uploaded.
Trove 2, CD Reissues 2, Songs, Standards & Cinema 2 have all undergone revision.

Revision 19 - November 25, 2005
This update features the Künstler für den Frieden ("Artists for Peace") concert held in Vienna on November 6 of 1982. Unknown to most of us, at least up until just recently, this show spawned a double LP live set with Belafonte performing on 2 tracks. Readers can learn more about the event by consulting "Fan Forum 4" & "Fan Forum 5." See entries for the period from Dec 2004 through Jan 2005, as well as those for Nov 25, 2005 and visit "Trove 2." With this development the running total of original Belafonte tracks moves to 521. And yes, "Guest Book - Fan Forum" has been updated to incorporate exchanges (23 in all) for the period from Apr 2004 through Nov 2005.
You will find new scans (17 total) on the following pages: TV 2 (1), TV 4 (1), TV 6 (1), Cinema 3 (2), Caricatures 2 (3), Fan Forum 4 (2), Fan Forum 5 (7).

Revision 18 - June 4, 2005
Announcing the arrival of Stéphane Robert's new website dedicated to Nana Mouskouri. It includes comprehensive coverage of all Nana Mouskouri & Harry Belafonte collaborations. A page, "Up Close with Nana Mouskouri," has been added to "Belafonte Tracks" (see "Picture Galleries"). It provides a convenient interface with Stéphane's impressive project. As you know,  he has been a frequent contributor to "Belafonte Tracks" in recent times.
For the benefit of return visitors, here is a run-down of the Rev 18 additions (scans):
TV 1 (3), TV 2 (1), TV 5 (4), TV 7 (1), TV 8 (5), TV 11 (1), Caricatures (5), Up Close with Nana (13) 

Revision 17 - May 15, 2005
A "Caricature" page has been added to "Picture Galleries" to showcase artistic renderings of all types.

Revision 16 - May 6, 2005
A "Promo Ad" page has been added to "Picture Galleries" and with it 24 new scans.

Revision 15 - June 7, 2004
Two (2) new images can be found in "Cinema 4" and three (3) in "Theatre." New pictures have also been inserted under "Picture Galleries" (11 magazine covers, 7 record sleeves) as well as in "TV 3" (quantity 2).
Announcing the imminent release by BMG UK of a "2on1" CD containing "Many Moods" and "Ballads, Blues, and Boasters," two big Belafonte albums from the 1960s.

Revision 14 - April 27, 2004
Introducing "Picture Galleries," a new section of "Belafonte Tracks," showcasing 63 images not previously available on the site. "Guest Book -Fan Forum" has been updated while the TV pages have undergone minor revisions.

Revision 13 - Feb 29, 2004
The "Guest Book" has undergone a name change, now "Guest Book - Fan Forum", in order to reflect the nature of the exchanges taking place therein. Since the last update in November, 10 posts have been added to "Fan Forum 3." Also 28 new images have been introduced to the site (sorry, can't say precisely where as they have been plugged in pretty much all over). Further, 9 new listings can be found in the TV pages, which have been cleared of tentative information and revised to provide additional program content. Lastly, volumes 1 & 2 of "Rambles" have been combined.
The running total of original tracks is now at 519. Hans-Peter has uncovered a very exciting alternate version of "Little Bernadette" recorded in 1958 (See "Fan Forum 3" entries for Feb 8 & 23, 2004). This recording is available on CD (See "Compacts").

Revision 12 - Nov 30, 2003
Yes, at long last, I'm back at my desk following an eight month assignment in Helsinki, Finland. For those who may have tried in vain to reach us over the past four months, my new email address is
A total of 16 posts, covering the period from Jan 2002 to Nov 2003, have been added to the "Guest Book." At the same time the television pages have been updated to incorporate information received over the past year. This includes 28 new entries. As part of the over-write, 49 new images have been introduced to the site. 
The running total of original tracks now stands at 518, down one from the previous tally. Two recordings previously thought to be alternate versions have now been identified as ones we already know (See "Guest Book" entry for Jan 9, 2003). This reduction has been offset by one video sound-track recording which is now available on CD (See "Compacts" and "Treasure Trove").

Revision 11 - Oct 27, 2002
The release date for the double LP set, "Belafonte ... Live!," has been corrected (Albums 66-74).
The guest book has been brought up to date and now takes in correspondence from mid June which was missing at the time Revision 10 was launched.
You will find some additional scans (Television & Movies) and one new entry on the television pages (TV 2). The "Free to Be You and Me" posting has been corrected to account for differences in program content between the video and LP.
A few obscure recordings have been introduced under "Tracks/Treasure Trove." The running total of original tracks now stands at 519 (previously 515).

Revision 10 - June 28, 2002
Look for new images and supplementary program information on the Television pages.

Revision 9 - May 27, 2002
Introducing "Stage & Screen," a whole new division of "Belafonte Tracks" taking in Harry's involvement in theatre, movies and television.

Revision 8 - Apr 20, 2002
"Belafonte Tracks" extends a hardy welcome to "Bear Family Records" and its long-anticipated boxed set covering the first decade of Belafonte's prolific recording career. With the present update "Bear" is everywhere on the site. The collection is logged in under "Compacts" while previously-unreleased tracks can also be found under "Treasure Trove" (formerly "Orphan Tracks"). This project has generated much excitement and, as one might expect with such an important milestone, you will find stimulating exchanges on the subject in the "Guest Book." Hats off to Bear Family!
With Bear's introduction of 13 "new recordings," the tally of original tracks now jumps to a total of 515.

Revision 7 - Mar 19, 2002
The Guest Book has been updated to take in correspondence over the past 2 months, along with one "straggler" for July 10, 2001.

Revision 6 - Jan 18, 2002

The "Compacts" and "Orphan Tracks" pages have been revised to reflect recent Guest Book exchanges with Jan and Andy regarding the triple CD set "Greatest Hits" and the single CD release "Very Best Of."

Revision 5 - Nov 30, 2001
Carlo has again provided information on two titles that brought about revisions to the site. First, he has identified the CD version of "Kingston Market" as an alternate take. Second, he presented convincing arguments that the two "Fare Thee Well" tracks are, in fact, recordings of different songs. This discussion can be found in the Guest Book.
Two recent CDs containing previously unreleased material have been entered into the site. These are "The Songs Of Bob Dylan, Vol. 2" and "Very Best Of Harry Belafonte."
Based solely on contributions from the 2 new CDs the count of original Belafonte tracks increases from 498 to 502.

Revision 4 - Oct 14, 2001
Thanks to Carlo, the version of "Roll on Buddy" appearing on the single 47-8717 has been reclassified as a separate and distinct recording, predating the LP track.
The count of original Belafonte tracks now stands at 498.
The coordination of the "Standards" and "Songs" page entries has been improved.

Revision 3 - Sept 30, 2001
The recently released collection, "The Long Road to Freedom," has been introduced under "Albums (1977-2001)." As a direct consequence of the appearance of this new material, the tally of original Belafonte tracks has been revised upwards (from 487 to 497). New titles have been incorporated into the song listings.
Also a quick-view gallery of jacket scans has been added to the albums section.

Revision 2 - Sept 22, 2001
A page addressing the subject of "Liner-Notes" has been added under "Backbeat."

Revision 1 - Aug 26, 2001
Under "Compacts" and "Orphan Tracks" the year of issue for the CD, "All Time Greatest Hits Vol. 1," has been corrected to read 1988 and not 1978 as previously stated. The earlier date applies only to the cover-art which was drawn from the LP, "A Legendary Performer."
A clarification has been added to the entry for the 45 rpm single, "We Are The World" (under "Orphan Tracks") to acknowledge the existence of alternate mixes on Maxi-single and LP. Thanks Jan for this and the previous item.
The defunct Visitor Hit Counter has been removed and the Guest Book simplified and brought up to date.
Glitches carrying over from the original launch have been cleaned up.

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