For the purpose of the present review, an album is taken to be any release
of 3 songs or more, packaged in a hard-cover sleeve displaying artwork (and in
some instances, incorporating liner-notes). Only original albums are covered here.
Compilations in the various formats have been ignored in order to focus attention on
the manner in which the artist's works were first introduced. Extended-play recordings
(EPs) whose tracks appear on original LPs are also excluded. In a few cases
re-issues on Compact Disc have featured alternate takes or edited tracks.
This topic is the subject of a separate discussion. 

Album Formats:-

45 rpm (7 in.) EP / 33 rpm (10 in.) LP (none) / 33 rpm (12 in.) LP / Compact Disc (5 in.) CD

Albums 1949-1959

A01) Capitol-EAP-1-619 ¯ Close Your Eyes
¯ Sings Ballads
A03) RCA-EPA-412 ¯ Sings Man Smart
A04) RCA-LPM-1022
¯ Mark Twain
A05) RCA-LPM-1150
¯ Belafonte
A06) RCA-LPM-1248
¯ Calypso
A07) RCA-LPM-1402
¯ An Evening With Belafonte
A08) RCA-LPM-1505
¯ Belafonte Sings Of The Caribbean
A09) RCA-LOP / LSO-1006 / LSP-1972
¯ Belafonte Sings The Blues
A10) RCA-LPM / LSP-1887
¯ To Wish You A Merry Christmas
A11) RCA-LPM / LSP-1927
¯ Love Is A Gentle Thing
A12) RCA-LOP / LSO-1507
¯ Porgy And Bess
A13) RCA-LOC / LSO-6006
¯ Belafonte At Carnegie Hall
A14) RCA-LPM / LSP-2022
¯ My Lord What A Morning

Albums 1959-1966

A15) RCA-LPM / LSP-2194 ¯ Swing Dat Hammer
A16) RCA-LOC / LSO-6007
¯ Belafonte Returns To Carnegie Hall
A17) RCA-LPM / LSP-2388
¯ Jump Up Calypso
A18) RCA-LPM / LSP-2449
¯ The Midnight Special
A19) RCA-LPM / LSP-2574
¯ The Many Moods Of Belafonte
A20) RCA-LPM / LSP-2695
¯ Streets I Have Walked
A21) RCA-LSO-6009
¯ Belafonte At The Greek Theatre
A22) RCA-LSP-2953
¯ Ballads, Blues, & Boasters
A23) RCA-LSP-3415
¯ An Evening With Belafonte / Mouskouri
A24) RCA-LSP-3420
¯ An Evening With Belafonte / Makeba
A25) Philips-BEL 1
¯ Belafonte-En Gränslös Kväll På Operan

Albums 1966-1974

A26) RCA-LSP-3571 ¯ In My Quiet Room
A27) RCA-LSP-3658
¯ Calypso In Brass
A28) RCA-LSP-3779
¯ Belafonte On Campus
A29) RCA-LSP-3938
¯ Belafonte Sings Of Love
A30) RCA-LSP-4255
¯ Homeward Bound
A31) RCA-LSP-4301
¯ Belafonte By Request
A32) RCA-LSP-4481
¯ The Warm Touch
A33) RCA-PRS-295
¯ For The Love Of Life, Harry & Lena
A34) RCA-LSP-4521
¯ Calypso Carnival
A35) RCA-VPSX-6077
¯ Belafonte... Live!
A36) RCA-APL1-0094 ¯ Play Me
A37) RCA-R4P5054 / Victor RCA-9101 / 9102
¯ Belafonte Concert In Japan

Albums 1977-2001

A38) CBS-CB86045 / CBS-Sony-25AP-1581 ¯ Turn The World Around
A39) Columbia-FC-37489
¯ Loving You Is Where I Belong
A40) EMI Capitol-EI-46971
¯ Paradise In Gazankulu
A41) EMI Electrola-198-7924441
¯ Belafonte In Germany '89
A42) Hallmark - 295 XPR 9708
¯The Tradition Of Christmas
A43) Island-314-524384-2
¯ An Evening With Belafonte And Friends
A44) Buddha/BMG-99756
¯ The Long Road To Freedom, An Anthology Of Black Music

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