Gathered here is a collection of programs produced and aired by the major
television networks over the past 53 years. Included are a number of concerts
released on commercial video primarily for home viewing. Belafonte's involvement
ranges from that of actor, to performer, singer, interviewee, interviewer, narrator,
host, producer, and director. He even goes off-camera to lend his voice to a few
animated characters. His stamp of excellence is everywhere.

We do not pretend to have captured everything and simply consider this undertaking
to be a work-in-progress. Here's hoping that some of you will be inspired to send along
snippets of missing information. Your comments, corrections or other inputs may be
e-mailed to Albnut at <>.

Home Up Television 1 (49-59) Television 2 (59-64) Television 3 (64-67) Television 4 (67-69) Television 5 (69-70) Television 6 (70-74) Television 7 (74-78) Television 8 (78-84) Television 9 (84-87) Television 10 (87-88) Television 11 (88-91) Television 12 (91-97) Television 13 (97-98) Television 14 (98-04)

The vast majority of the pictures used herein are drawn from our personal collections of Belafonte
memorabilia. In some instances they have been supplemented with images gathered on the Internet,
this in order  to include  the faces of other personalities who figured in these programs.