Updated:- June 7, 2004

The Best Of Belafonte EP Boxed Set
Scans of box cover, booklet pages & separator for RCA Victor SPD-24,
boxed set of 10 extended play (EP 45 rpm) recordings (39 Songs) released in 1956.
Liner-notes are by John S. Wilson (Jazz Reviewer) and cover photo by Roy Stevens.

Exhibits 1 to 6


Day O,  I Do Adore Her, Jamaica Farewell, Will His Love Be Like His Rum?, Dolly Dawn, Star O, The Jack-Ass Song, Hosanna, Come Back Liza, Brown Skin Girl, Man Smart (Woman Smarter), Matilda, Water Boy, Suzanne (Every Night When The Sun Goes Down), Troubles, In That Great Gettin' Up Mornin', Take My Mother Home, Noah, Jump Down Spin Around, Sylvie, Scarlet Ribbons (For Her Hair), Unchained Melody, Mark Twain, Tol' My Captain, Man Piaba, The Drummer And The Cook, John Henry, Kalenda Rock (Mourning Song), The Fox, Soldier Soldier, The Next Big River, Mo Mary, Lord Randall, Delia, Shenandoah, Jerry (This Timber Got To Roll), The Blues Is Man - Part 1, Acorn In The Meadow, Hello Everybody

Familiar American EP Issues
Exhibits 7 to 24



07) Capitol-EAP-1-619, Harry Belafonte, Close Your Eyes, recorded 1949
      Close Your Eyes / Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child / I Still Get A Thrill / Deep As The River8) 
08) Jubilee-EP-5006, Harry Belafonte Sings Ballads, recorded 1950
      Simple, Simple, Simple / Annabelle Lee / Venezuela / Only One Like Me09) 
10) RCA-EPA-412, Harry Belafonte Sings Man Smart, Year 1952
      Shenandoah / Scarlet Ribbons (For Her Hair)  / Man Smart (Woman Smarter) / Jerry (This Timber Got To Roll) 
11) RCA-EPA-559, Harry Belafonte, Year 1954
      Delia / The Fox / Kalenda Rock / The Drummer And The Cook
12) RCA-EPB-1022,  Mark Twain, Year 1954
      Mark Twain / Man Piaba / John Henry / Tol' My Captain
      Soldier, Soldier / The Next Big River / Mo Mary / Lord Randall
13) RCA-EPA-693, Belafonte Act 1, Year 1955
      Take My Mother Home / Unchained Melody / Matilda
14) RCA-EPA-694, Belafonte Act 2, Year 1955
      Sylvie / In That Great Gettin' Up Mornin' / Jump Down, Spin Around
15) RCA-EPA-695, Belafonte Act 3, Year 1955
      Noah / Suzanne (Every Night) / Waterboy
16) RCA-EPA-768, Calypso, Year 1955
      Day O / Will His Love Be Like His Rum /  Jamaica Farewell / Dolly Dawn
17) RCA-EPA-1248 Calypso, Year 1955
      Day O / I Do Adore Her / Jamaica Farewell / Will His Love Be Like His Rum
      Star O / Hosanna / Brown Skin Girl / Dolly Dawn
18) RCA-EPA-1-1402, An Evening With Belafonte Vol. 1, Year 1956
      Merci Bon Dieu / The Drummer And The Cook / Danny Boy
19) RCA-EPA-2-1402, An Evening With Belafonte Vol. 2, Year 1956
      Cu Cu Ru Cu Cu Paloma / Hava Nageela / When The Saints Go Marching In
20) RCA-EPA-3-1402, An Evening With Belafonte Vol. 3, Year 1956
      Come O My Love / Eden Was Just Like This / Shenandoah
21) RCA-EPA-4084, Harry Belafonte, Island In The Sun, Year 1957
      Island In The Sun / Cocoanut Woman / Lead Man Holler
22) RCA-EPA-1-1505, Belafonte Sings Of The Caribbean, Year 1957
      Haiti Cherie / Love, Love Alone / Lucy's Door / Scratch, Scratch
23) RCA-EPA-4217, Ballads By Belafonte, Year 1957
      Cordelia Brown / Judy Drownded / Lead Man Holler / Angelique-O
24) RCA-EPA-4263, Belafonte Sings The Blues, Year 1958
      God Bless The Child / Hallelujah I Love Her So / Mary Ann

Other American EP Issues
Exhibits 25 to 34



25) RCA Victor EPA-412, Man Smart (alternate cover), recorded 1952
      Shenandoah, Scarlet Ribbons, Man Smart, Jerry (This Timber Got To Roll)
26) RCA Victor SP-45-54, Selections from "Love Is A Gentle Thing," Year 1958
27) RCA Victor SP-45-67, Preview Album, Year 1958
      Cocoanut Woman, A Woman Is A Sometime Thing, Turn Around, In The Evenin' Mama
28) Back face of previous sleeve.
29) RCA Victor EPA-5031, Gold Standard Series, Year 1958
      Suzanne, Matilda, Matilda, Shenandoah, Scarlet Ribbons
30) RCA Victor EPA-5138, Gold Standard Series, Year 1958
      Day-O, Venezuela, Scratch Scratch, Star-O
31) RCA Victor SP-45-35, Merry Christmas from RCA, Year 1968
      Silent Night by Belafonte (others by Como, The Ames Bros, & Choir)
32) RCA Victor LPC-127, Belafonte at Carnegie Highlights (33 rpm, 7inch), Year 1959
      Day-O, Man Smart (Woman Smarter), Jamaica Farewell, Shenandoah
33) RCA Victor LSO-6007, Belafonte Returns to Carnegie Hall (33 rpm, 7inch), Year 1960
34) RCA Victor LSP-2449, The Midnight Special (33 rpm, 7inch), Year 1962
      Midnight Special, Crawdad Song, Gotta Travel On, Muleskinner

Some European EP Issues
Exhibits 34 to 40


34) RCA Denmark EPA -9508, Dancing Calypso, recorded 1955
    Come Back Liza / The Jack Ass Song / Man Smart (Woman Smarter) / Troubles
35) RCA Italiana EPA-694, Spirituals, recorded 1955
    Belafonte and the Norman Luboff Choir
    Sylvie / In That Great Gettin’ Up Mornin’ / Jump Down Spin Around
36) RCA Italiana EPA-4263, Belafonte Sings The Blues, recorded 1958
    God Bless The Child / Hallelujah I Love Her So / Mary Ann
37) RCA Germany EPA-4354, Belafonte Sings Spirituals, recorded 1959
    Wake Up Jacob / Oh Freedom / 
    Were You There When They Crucified My Lord / Oh Let Me Fly
38) RCA Italiana EPA-72V-0096, Melodie Di Harlem
    I’d Do Anything by Lena Horne, Scarlet Ribbons & Troubles by Harry Belafonte
    You’d Be So Nice To Come Home To by Lurlean Hunter
39) RCA Germany EPA-9010, Belafonte Returns To Carnegie Hall, recorded 1960
    La Bamba / Chickens / A Hole In The Bucket
40) RCA Germany EPA-2695, This Land Is Your Land, recorded 1963
    This Land Is Your Land / Tunga / Waltzing Matilda / Sit Down

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