Updated:- June 22, 2007

 Judy Paul

 The ultimate "place-de-rencontre" for Belafonte fans.
 What's Harry been up to lately? Look no further 'cause it's all here!
 Check in for complete coverage on The Long Road to Freedom.
 This Anthology of Black Music was 10 years in the making, then 30
years in the RCA vaults, before finally being released in Sept 2001.
 ke Holm  The most comprehensive and all-encompassing library of Belafonte
 recordings, videos, books and memorabilia. Loads of
 information on the artist, his collaborators and fellow performers.
 Haruo Funatsu  A complete portfolio of Belafonte recordings presented in Japanese.
 Interesting references to past tours and FM radio shows.
 France-Marie Aunay  Un hommage Harry Belafonte en franais.
 Frederique Roberge   "Harry Belafonte: A Living Legend," Frederique's salute to 
 a great human being, launched in July 2003.
 Irving Burgie  Irving Burgie (Lord Burgess), Father of Modern Day Calypso
 Mento Music  Michael Garnice demonstrates that much of Belafonte's Caribbean 
 repertoire is drawn from the rich Jamaican folk /mento tradition. 
 Once there, you are definitely going to want to visit the entire site.  
 nanamouskouri.qc.ca A huge undertaking by Stephane Robert. You will find comprehensive information here on collaborations by Nana Mouskouri & Harry Belafonte.
 All Music Guide  Belafonte biography, album reviews (LPs, CDs) and more.
 iMusic Message Board  A site where messages relating to any artist, in this case Harry
 Belafonte, can be posted.
 eBay  The global online marketplace and auction house. Here's your best
 opportunity to round out that Belafonte collection. Happy bidding.

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