A selection of artistic renderings capturing the many faces of Belafonte
(Caricatures, Paintings, Sketches, Cartoons)

Launched:- May 15, 2005


Movie Caricature, Odds Against Tomorrow 1959
"Al Hirshfeld delineates the main characters to be seen in the explosive drama, "Odds Against Tomorrow," a United Artists release. Starting at the left are Kim Hamilton, Harry Belafonte, Robert Ryan, Shelly Winters and Ed Begley. They are all involved in a planned bank hold-up."

Exhibits 1 to 8


1) Jubilee 45/EP, Harry Belafonte Sings Ballads 1950
Cover Art: Leonard Besser
2) RCA 45/EP, Best Of Belafonte Boxed Set - 1956
Harry weaving his magic
3) RCA 45/EP, Best Of Belafonte Boxed Set - 1956
Harry facing the crowd
4) Movie poster, Une Ile au Soleil - 1957
5) RCA 33/LP, Belafonte Sings The Blues - 1958
6) RCA 33/LP Love Is A Gentle Thing - 1958
Cover Art: David Stone Martin
7) RCA 45/EP, Belafonte Preview Album - 1958
8) Time Magazine Cover - 1959
Henry Koerner painting of Harry with Millard Thomas on guitar.

Exhibits 9 to 14



9) Movie Poster (Belgian), The World, The Flesh and The Devil - 1959
MGM movie starring Harry Belafonte, Inger stevens, Mel Ferrer
10) Movie Poster, Odds Against Tomorrow 1959
United Artists movie starring Harry Belafonte, Robert Ryan, Shelly Winters
11) RCA 33/LP, My Lord What A Mornin'  - 1959
Cover Art: Herschel Levit
12) On Stage at Carnegie Hall - 1959
Millard Thomas & Raphael Boguslav on guitar, Norman Keenan on bass.
13) RCA 33/Compilation LP, The Many Sides Of Belafonte - 1960
14) TV Guide, CBS Music Special, Belafonte: New York 19 - 1960

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