Over the years Harry Belafonte has generated a truly remarkable
catalogue of original recordings covering a broad range of musical styles.
His visits to the studio have been less frequent in recent times yet a steady
stream of new compact discs, featuring his distinctive voice and unique
interpretations, continues to appear in record shops around the globe. These
collections are, of course, compilations which draw from this same body of
work. The present project concentrates on identifying the artist's individual
tracks (525 in all, excluding video soundtracks) while showing the manner
in which they were first introduced to listeners. What follows is first and
foremost a discography of original recordings ("first issues"). Enter this
world at the risk of falling victim to the mystique of old vinyl records
and the nostalgia of the 1950s' and 60s' music scene.

Launch Date:- June 22, 2001
Last Updated:- June 22, 2007


"Stage and Screen" - May 2002
Theatre, Movies & Television

"Picture Galleries" - April 2004

"Caricatures" - May 2005

"Up Close with Nana Mouskouri" - June 2005

"Künstler für den Frieden" - November 2005

The Puzzling "Returns-to-Carnegie" Alternate Recordings - June 2007

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